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Cultural Narcissism

Do We Feel Superior to Others Based on Where We’re From? In Episode 2 of my new podcast, The Accidental… read more

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The Mid-Century Pause Button: Turning 50 in Lockdown

I recently turned 50 in Lockdown and shared these reflections on my private social media shortly after my birthday. Am… read more

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banned passports

Broad Stripes, Bright Stars and Banned Passports

Until a vaccine is made universally available so that all Americans can travel freely around the globe again, allow me to take off my mask to reveal two “truths” (for those who are not already in the know) to my fellow US passport holders about travelling as Americans outside the States: 1) We are not the “darlings” of the world we think we are. 2) We never were.

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About Catherine

For women who are facing major life changes, I am a writer and podcaster who explores global themes from diverse perspectives to help people suspend their default assumptions about how things “should be done.”

My multi-cultural background and experiences as a Filipina/American/Canadian in Europe for 20+ years have made me culturally-astute at embracing “the new normal.” I try to approach it all with sensitivity, humour, authenticity and kindness.