Who cares what day it is? Make “real-time” for friends.

I created this page as place to read or share a story from like-minded people around the world. The title comes from invitations I used to receive from London girlfriends wanting to get together “on a school night”. One should never have to wait till the weekend to get together with friends.

As part of this club I’m asking for guest-contributed pieces. If you have something to say that falls into any of my categories, please share. I would love to make sure your voice gets heard.

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    28 • 08 • 14

    My Feet Aren’t Ugly…Yet (A 20-Something Woman Trapped in a 40-Something Body Laments About Ageing)

        I fell off a cliff at forty. One day I’m me, and then poof, forty happened and I feel like the me [...]

    03 • 12 • 13

    Rear View Mirror

    I used to be somebody. I had a job – okay maybe not a big fat job, but a little fat job – with [...]

  • IMG_8370
    31 • 10 • 13

    cold pizza

    So now that I’ve cobbled together some crumbs of self-esteem from a divorce 4 years ago that I never thought I’d have, I’m faced [...]

    08 • 09 • 13

    why my voice matters

    In May of 2011 my family and I moved to Windsor, England because of my dad’s job. I didn’t want to move at all [...]

  • IMG_7802
    08 • 09 • 13

    work-life balance – what is success?

    This month marks 10-year anniversary of my current role as defined by the society: a stay-at-home mom. In this decade I have read, heard, [...]




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