“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr. Seuss
Here are a few posts on standing out in style – décor, design, fashion, travel, etc.

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    05 • 12 • 13

    the catherine zinger guide on how to be a lady

    Since I loved the Business Insider’s Guide to Being a Man, I thought I’d create my own guide on How to Be a Lady! Am [...]

    19 • 10 • 13

    run when you can walk

    I will occasionally make sweeping remarks about things I observe in life. Some people would call them generalizations. I call it modern anthropology. So [...]

  • T_is_for_Texas
    14 • 09 • 13

    “t” is for texas

    I went to Texas for the first time ever this past summer. I was in Austin for a night and Fort Worth the next. [...]

    21 • 06 • 13

    ascot, acid-wash & clotted cream. indeed!!

    “Daahhling, are you sure you’re not lesbian?” asks my über-posh British friend, Daisy*, over vodka tonics with lime cordial and an extra squeeze of [...]

  • Alexander Wang quote
    21 • 01 • 13

    exceptions are the rule: my top 10 list on how NOT to look like hell

    We’ve all seen the ubiquitous rules on style that just about every fashion magazine publishes at least once a year – “Every girl should [...]

    17 • 01 • 13

    coat check confessions

    Preamble Yesterday evening Simon and I were out for dinner with our friends, Rob and Tessa.  We were in London Soho at this very [...]

  • f1
    10 • 12 • 12

    wiennese waltz, an opera

    Vienna, December 2012 ACT 1 My beautiful (very beautiful) Mexican friend, Valentina, called me a few weeks prior to a long-planned girls trip to [...]

    09 • 12 • 12

    on ironing

      Connecticut, 2005 (yes, 2005) Tonight as I was doing the ironing, I was thinking that I might like to call the finished product [...]

  • Ride_Em_Cowboy
    02 • 11 • 12

    ride ’em cowboy!

    from August 2012: TERMINAL 5, LONDON HEATHROW — So apparently I talk a lot.  I already new this but I must have bypassed the [...]

    01 • 11 • 12

    fuschia to perfection

    I met with an English girlfriend, Annabelle*, today for lunch at our local café in town. She’s back from having spent the past six [...]



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