about catherine

I don’t like small talk. I used to have to do it for a living (hi-tech PR and then Russian-French interpreter) and so perhaps I reached a saturation point.

I do like swearing. At my age, I should probably swear a lot less. Then again… at my age, why should I give a shit?

I do like to watch and listen and learn. And then I turn around and write about my observations right here.  In January 2014, The Huffington Post Online invited me to be a contributing blogger (which I still can’t believe) so you can read my pieces there too. I’ve also started doing speaking engagements (which is nothing like small talk).

As for what I love, that’s easy: my wicked cool husband because he keeps me in check – which is no easy feat; my kids (two testosterone teens and little girl) – most of the time and when they are not on my very last nerve; my girlfriends and sisters  – all of the time because they know what cocktails I like when the latter happens and they will drink with me regardless of what time zone they’re in; and my beautiful, overweight and very charming bulldog – because she is never on my last nerve.

And writing.  I do love to write.

Thanks so much for checking out my stuff…

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