About Catherine

I am a storyteller — an observer with the memory of an elephant. One who never really fit in.

I write to tweak assumptions. To encourage new perspectives. To suspend judgement. My call to action will always, always be kindness.


Catherine in the Media


Bereavement is a hugely personal, individual journey. Some people deal with it privately. I’ve chosen to process my grief the only way I know how– creatively – either through piano or through my very public writing and social media posts.

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Broken Music: Notes on My Sister’s Cancer

She was dying. This is not me being dramatic, nor exaggerating a medical truth. My baby sister was dying and no one – not any friend nor doctor nor even soulmate could have prepared me for what I was walking into.


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Huffington Post

Is Yoga the New Prozac?

For all my former condescension about how yoga is just “stretches and breathing”, I publicly do a face plant in deep-dish humble pie. Yoga has been like a life-altering drug, my “Prozac”.

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Catherine Speaking

I share my observations in person too. See what topics I speak about in person.

Not only does Catherine have the charisma and charm to keep a large audience focused and interested but she also has a plethora of experiences and anecdotes that build into her thoughtful analysis of multicultural differences.

Guillaume Cachia Henkel, Treasury Manager, North America

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Catherine’s Essays

Here are the articles that have gotten me into the most trouble for their controversial slant. Please proceed with an open mind…